Getting Your First Lawn Mower: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Your lawn would not clean itself. For that, you would need the help of a lawn mower. Now, while it can be tempting to go out and just buy the first lawn mower that you come across with, that may not be the right thing to do. You have to keep in mind that there’s a specific lawn mower for each job on hand, and knowing which one does which job best can make sure that you make the most of your mower.

first lawn mower

Types of Lawn Mower

Generally, lawn mowers can be grouped into two – motorized lawn mowers, and manual lawn mowers.

Rotary Push Lawn Mower

Rotary push lawn mowers are typically powered electrically or make use of gas and petrol. They are considered to be the most common, and the most efficient, of the different types of lawn mowers. They are best for lawns that already have tall weeds and are filled with dandelions.

Riding Lawn Mower

As the name implies, riding lawn mowers typically feature a seat from which you can maneuver the mower into cutting the weeds. It is best recommended for those lawn that do not have much obstacles like trees. A specialized type of riding lawn mower called the zero-turn lawn mower is recommended for those spaces with a turning radius of zero. It is available in both commercial and homeowner models.

Another type of riding lawn mower is the tractor lawn mower. It is actually a tractor with a mower placed between the two wheel axes. Although considered to be more expensive, they are more maneuverable.

Push Reel Mowers

Also known as cylindrical lawn mowers, a push reel mower features vertical wheels. The cutting mechanism itself may or may not be in contact with grass. It is most recommended for trimming grass but might have some difficulties when working on tall weed. They are considered to be the most affordable of all lawn mowers, and is the easiest to maintain.

Other Types of Lawn Mowers

For those who are after a more technologically advanced lawn mower, there is also the robotic variant. Most designs feature mowers that can return to their loading docks once the batteries are running low. This kind of lawn mower are able to detect whether an area still has grass and weeds that need to be cut down. They make use of electronic fences in order to keep the unit from wandering off.


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