How to Treat and Prevent Stale Gas From Your Cub Cadet Snow Blowers?

One huge problem with maintaining snow blowers is that you always have to make sure that the lubricants and fuel haven’t gotten stale yet. Many people commonly encounter this problem after the first snowfall, with snow blowers refusing to start, much to the consternation of the owners. Oftentimes, this problem is due to stale gas/oil.

Prevent Stale Gas

Many experts would advise homeowners to change the oils every month, even when not used, to maintain it in its peak condition. This can be a waste of oil, though, since you obviously have no need for your cub cadet snow blowers until next winter. However you also can’t risk leaving stale oil in your equipment, because it can cause the carburetor to corrode. It is important to remember that most of the fuel available on stores are blended with ethanol, a corroding agent.

Before oiling your equipment, check for any warning logos or oiling instructions on acceptable ethanol percentage. If the instruction tells you to not use a fuel blend with not more than 10% ethanol, specifically ask for this blend from your local hardware stores. Using the wrong oil can damage your equipment, or worse put you in danger.


Stale oil is a natural result of oxidation. Gasoline degrades around 30 days after being pumped, and then turns into a gum-like substance which eventually clogs the fuel system. Gasoline must be stored airtight in a consistent cool temperature, for it to remain stable. Once the oil has gone “bad” you must remove the oil, clean the carburetor, and replace it with new oil. If you want to prevent the oxidation process, you can add a stabilizer and fuel treatment to your oils.

Keep in mind that the treatment and stabilizer only prolongs the oxidation process, and that it will still eventually degrade. With a good stabilizer, though, you should be able to keep the oil for as long as 9 months, which is just in time for an early oil replacement shortly before the start of next year’s winter.

Sometimes the problem lies on the equipment itself and not with the oil. If this happens approach the nearby retailers like Denny’s Lawn & Garden and purchase a new snow blower. Make sure that the new snow blower that you purchase is easy to use and maintain.

Find out what to do to prevent stale gas for your small engines and off season gas motors,


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