Health Tip: Senior Citizens Should Use a Zero Turn Toro Lawn Mower

As simple as lawn mowing is as a task, it can actually be dangerous, especially for children and senior citizens. According to CBS news, around 80,000 Americans go to the hospital because of lawn mower-related injuries, a large majority of which consists of the young and elderlies.

Health Tip

Many of these injuries even result to amputation of either the hands or feet. Most commonly, the injuries arise from a bad fall, which happens on stand-on mowers. There would be little damage if the person using this mower is a healthy adult, but for seniors with back problems, a simple slip and fall can be very dangerous.

Suggested Solutions:

Parents should always remember that lawn mowers are dangerous machines designed to cut. When mowing the lawn, little children should stay indoors until the parents are done with the yard work. As for senior citizens, they should avoid using stand-on or walk-behind mowers due to the potential slip and fall risk. It is highly advisable that they instead use a zero-turn toro lawn mower, like those available in Denny’s Lawn & Garden.

Being able to sit down while doing the yard work promotes both safety and comfort for the elderlies. Zero-turn mowers are also very user-friendly because they have mode settings to suit the preference of senior citizens; some may prefer a slow but smooth ride, while others would only want a quick run-through before some guests arrive. Stand-on or walk-behind mowers are best left for healthy and active adults to use as they require a certain amount of balance, strength, and body coordination to be used efficiently.

Remember, however, that zero-turn mowers must be avoided if your garden or yard slopes downwards, because this might only result to more injuries. Also remember to have your mowing equipment inspected regularly in order to avoid accidents. Regular lubrication of necessary parts and their replacement, when needed must follow the recommended schedule set by the manual in order to maintain maximum efficiency of your equipment. If the equipment has suffered from too much damage, it would be best to have the unit replaced instead of repaired, just to make sure that no further problems will arise.

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