Efficiency and Power: Making the Big Play for Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The winter season may not be far off as of this writing, but that only means additional preparations for the onset of the cold. Part of that effort requires acquiring two-stage snow blowers to go into action when the snow becomes too thick for anyone’s taste. Making the purchase through companies such as Denny’s Lawn and Garden can serve that purpose.

Efficiency and Power Making the Big Play for Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The Look and Feel

Snowblowers come in either single-stage or two-stage models, and you need to learn what makes them different. A single-stage snowblower functions by using its auger to pick up the snow and channel it to the snow chute in one motion. They are usually engineered to work in snowdrifts of no more than ten inches high and only on paved surfaces.

Two-stage snowblowers are a class all their own, having been designed for much deeper snowdrifts, with a larger auger collection area. The auger, which is made of harder metal blades (unlike the plastic/solid rubber construction of single-stage snowblower augers) can only break up the snow and place them in an impeller located behind it. The impeller, in turn, spews the snow out a taller and adjustable-redirect chute.

Selection Process

Even when you’ve committed to buying a two-stage snowblower, there are still a number of considerations to account for. The first one is to determine the right clearing width and intake height; both items aid your snowblower’s ability to clear a specified area and deal with larger snowfalls in a few passes. Some models will also have clearings equipped with drift cutters and skid shoes to break down the snowdrift into softer chunks for the snowblower to “digest.”

The engine specs will help place a premium on the unit’s performance. Many two-stage snowblowers have their engine volumes from 120 cubic centimeters to 420 cu. cm, with the output between six and 24 horsepower.

The control system also bears inspecting for ease of handling and intake control. The Cub Cadet 2X series, for example, has handlebar and trigger power steering, plus another control stick for the intake’s direction. Inspect your preferred model for tire height and tread size, especially when negotiating uneven surfaces.

A two-stage snowblower can pack the efficiency you need for the winter season. Consult an authorized seller such as Denny’s Lawn & Garden for some professional product advice.



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