Using Your Lawn Mower to Do an All-Stripes Routine on Your Property

Some homeowners may take pride in a property that has a large lawn where the loved ones can enjoy playing in. There are those, on the other hand, who see the expanse as a canvas waiting to be manicured in another eccentric way, like putting in a stripe or design on it, as an article in The Art of Manliness postulates.

Using Your Lawn Mower to Do an All-Stripes Routine on Your Property

Line Up

People who admire well-trimmed greens like, say, a football field or a baseball field, will not run out of words to say about the setup of any lines on the grass. It is a common idea that the lawn mower’s blades are set to varying heights to achieve the right consistency of the lines. It is simply a case of the blades being bent to the right angle and finding ways to make a good line.

You must also identify the type of grass your lawn has; some grasses in the northern regions, for example, can make for good lines as long as they have been well-irrigated in the first place. In many cases, the width of the lawnmower will help dictate consistency of the lines. You can’t shortcut this because stripes of varying widths will be noticeable from a distance. Start the work by mowing around the perimeter first, stopping and turning at the corner pivot point.

What if there are obstacles in the way as you make your lines? Use the turning radius of your lawn mower to judge the distance from the obstacle at which you’ll turn. The object is to maneuver around the obstacle in such a way that the line will remain straight by the time you get around. While a turning circle may be evident where the next line will be, the pass on that line will help tidy everything.

Bending It Like…

There are some lawn lines that are worth some serious bending of grass blades and it will require certain equipment to get it right. Many companies that make either pusher or riding lawn mowers sweeten the pot by offering roller striping kits with their vehicles.

A lawn that is immaculately trimmed and sports a cool design adds visual flair to the property. With that in mind, you can use a well-engineered lawn mower, from sellers like Denny’s Lawn and Garden, to set things rolling.



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