Cub Cadet Snow Blowers in Duluth: Clearing Your Lawn the Efficient Way

Is it too early to be checking out the market for snow blowers? Perhaps, since winter is still some months away. The smart homeowner, however, will want to prepare in advance.

Cub Cadet Snow Blowers in Duluth Clearing Your Lawn the Efficient Way

As a resident of Duluth, Minnesota, you’re probably all too familiar with the unforgiving conditions and the heavy sheets of ice that tend to build up overnight during the winter season. According to forecasted weather patterns from November, 2014 to October, 2015, temperatures, snowfall and precipitation are expected to be below normal, meaning that you’ll be in for a colder snowier winter this year.

Of course one of the many ways you can prepare yourself is to get a good set of snow throwing tools, namely the blower, snow shovel and the ice melt. All three are important because sometimes even the best snow thrower may not reach everywhere, leaving thin layers of snow to turn into ice and possibly pose a hazard to your household.

Now while ice melts and snow shovels are easy to get at your local hardware store, you may want to consider some factors first before buying your snow thrower. A very popular option among Duluth residents are the award-winning industry-leading Cub Cadet snow blowers.

Cub Cadet manufactures an extensive line of snow throwers with models and smart solutions, suitable for every need. Depending on the depth of the snow sheet (6, 12 and 18 inches), their machines come in three categories: 1X Single, 2X Stage and 3X Stage. The latter, in particular, is colloquially referred to as a Winter Beast. This is because it is capable of clearing up your lawn about fifty percent faster than other snow throwers.

At the first stage, its pair of powerful collection augers rotate to gather the snow from outside the intake chute. The collected snow is then pulverized between the augurs. The third stage involves blowing the snow clear a pretty good distance away with its discharge impeller. With this snazzy machine, winter will have nothing on you.

Cub Cadet’s products are sold nationwide. Turn to businesses like Denny’s Lawn & Garden Equipment to help you bid goodbye to your snow problems once winter comes.


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