Maintenance Tips for Keeping Snow Blowers in Shape All Year Long

In order to keep your sidewalks, driveways and paths cleared, your snow blowers require regular maintenance. While Cub Cadet snow blowers are trustworthy and high-performing, preventive maintenance ensure that these well-built machines will keep on working for you through each snowstorm. Use these three maintenance tips to keep your Cub Cadet snow blowers in optimal condition.

Snow Blowers

Before Each Use

Before using your snow blowers after a heavy snowstorm, take a moment to check the oil and gasoline levels. Make sure the ventilation holes on the fuel cap are not plugged up or closed. Next, check the bolts and tighten any that are loose. Check the tire pressure with a tire gauge to ensure that each tire is inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Inspect the plates and bars for any damage.

Between Uses

After clearing off the driveway and paths, let the snow blower continue to run for a minute or two. Doing this allows all the snow to get out of the machine so the auger and impeller don’t freeze up. Turn off the engine and wait a few moments for the snow blower to cool down.

Once none of the parts are moving, check for blockages such as leaves or sticks. Use tongs to remove any debris. Replace the snow blower’s oil after 50 hours of use, or at least one time per winter season. When adding fuel, put a fuel stabilizer into it if recommended by the manufacturer.

After Winter Is Over

After winter is over—like right now—you’ll need to do a few more maintenance tasks to prepare the snow blower for the off-season. Clean the outside of the snow blower, as dirt, rock salt and oils may cause its exterior to rust or become clogged.

Drain any oil and gasoline left in the machine. Be sure that the machine isn’t releasing any fumes, as fumes could ignite a spark while the snow blower is being stored during the summertime. Lubricate the motor and spray or rub a rust-preventing solution to the blades. Store the snow blower in a vertical position with the blades at the bottom and the handle at the top.

Seasonal equipment, like the reliable Cub Cadet snow blowers from Denny’s Lawn & Garden, have the tendency to be forgotten when they’re not in use. By implementing these maintenance and safety tips on and off season, you can ensure that your snow blowers will be up to the challenge come wintertime.


Maintenance tips for your

Maintain Your Snow Blower


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