Choosing the Best Toro Lawn Mower for Easy Mowing and a Beautiful Yard

In most places, homeowners have to mow their lawns for about half the year. Choosing an ideal lawn mower for your yard makes the job much easier. There are many different types of mowers, and Toro mowers are among the top-selling models in all categories. Here are some of the most popular options.

Quiet Electric Mowers

The Toro e-Cycler 20360 is a cordless electric lawn mower with 36 volts of power. It can take care of thick grass and small twigs, and it has excellent battery life, enough juice to mow about one-third of an acre. You can charge the battery to 70 percent in a few hours, and a full charge takes 12 hours. The e-Cycler 20360 is extremely quiet, especially compared to the roar of a traditional gas mower. It’s also about 20 pounds lighter than a gas-powered Toro lawn mower.

Personal Pace Mowers

Toro Personal Pace mowers are self-propelled, and they automatically adjust to your walking speed. The Recycler system has a larger cutting width. It cuts grass clippings into fine particles and puts them back on your yard for a healthier, greener lawn.

With Bag on Demand, you can switch to bagging clippings just by flipping a lever. The bag can stay mounted in either mode.

Washout ports make it easy to clean the bottom of the deck and maintain essential airflow. Homeowners can even produce lawn striping effects like the professionals. The Personal Pace 20332 has an engine that’s guaranteed to start for three years and has a full two-year warranty.

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers get their name because they have zero-turn radius, making them much more maneuverable around trees and landscaping. These riding mowers are also much more convenient for people with large yards. The Toro SS4235 (also called Toro 74633) Zero Turn Mower has 22 horsepower and a Smart Speed® control system so users can select the speed of the mower.

Blade speed and engine power are not reduced, so users can mow difficult areas effectively. This version is part of the Timecutter line of zero turn Toro lawn mower models. It gets its name because mowing is quicker and more convenient.

Mowing need not be a burden when you’re keen on making your front yard a head turner this summer. With convenient Toro mowers and other brands from Denny’s Lawn & Garden, you can even enjoy it.


Toro e-Cycler 20360

Toro Lawn Mowers

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22″ (56 cm) Personal Pace® (20332)


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