How to Receive the Latest News and Promos from Denny’s Lawn & Garden

At Denny’s Lawn & Garden, we always strive to keep our customers satisfied. For starters, we offer the best outdoor power equipment in the industry and assist you to best of our abilities. We’re also professional and prompt with our responses to your quote or service requests. Above all, we have a delightful staff with distinctive Minnesotan traits.

Aside from these, we regularly update our inventory and offer the best deals provided by the power equipment brands we carry. For instance, if any of our brands – such as Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet, or Scag – has special factory promotions or financing programs, we’ll be happy to hook you up to those deals. That way, you can equip your home or business with the finest tools at the most convenient rates or payment plans.

Now, you may be wondering how you can get ahold of these promotions. They may especially be valuable if you’re working on a tight budget or if you want to maximize your profits. It’s actually quite easy to receive the latest news and promos from Denny’s Lawn & Garden. Just visit our website, or follow us on Facebook for updates!

What You Can See on Our Website

We have a “Factory Promotions” and a “Coupons” page on our company website. You can visit these pages to check on ongoing deals that you can take advantage of. You can also explore the other tabs and pages if you want to know more about the brands, equipment, parts, accessories, and services we’re offering as well as updated information about our company. We even have an easy-to-use service request or contact form that you can fill out for those specific tasks.

What You Can Expect on Our Facebook Page

Hit like on our Facebook page to receive updates our services or products. Whenever we have something new in store for customers, or whenever we have a special event, we’ll be sure to post essential information on the social media site. You can also see pictures of our shop and leave your feedback by exploring our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to connect with you through these online channels! If you have any questions, or if you want to know more about Denny’s Lawn & Garden and our inventory, please don’t hesitate to call (218) 728-1854.


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